2020 Thanksgiving Near Cape Charles w/ Turnbulls and McCanns

November 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ian Murray Daddy and Mommy met the Turnbulls and McCanns near Cape Charles VA for an isolated and relaxing Thanksgiving week. We got to canoe, play at the beach, find shells at the sandbar, and eat lots of snacks. Most importantly we got to play with Ian and Murray’s adorable cousin Levi!

Camping at Montebello!

On August 27th, Daddy took the boys camping at Montebello Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

2020 Virginia Beach Vacation

On July 2020 the Turnbulls, Pences, McCanns And Mildenbergers went to Virginia Beach for 2 weeks!

Cole Mountain Hike

On July 4th Weekend, 2020, Ian, Daddy, and Murray did a 5.9 mile hike to the top of Cole Mountain. We drove 1.5 hrs, half of which we had no cell coverage. That made Mommy a little worried! Murray got a little sick on the way :( But it’s OK, we used lots of wipes to clean him up!

Fathers Day Canoe!

On Fathers Day 2020, Daddy got a canoe! On Saturday, we took the canoe to Chris Greene Lake. On Sunday, we went to Lake Monacan Resort at Wintergreen for beach and canoeing fun!

Rivanna Trail (Greenbrier Park) Hike!

On Memorial Day 2020, the boys went on a hike on Rivanna Trail between Greenbrier Rd and John Warner Parkway. Greenbrier Park in Charlottesville has restored much of the Meadow Creek environment. Meadow Creek eventually dumps into Rivanna River, which one day we hope to hike to!

Little Rivanna Trail Hike, Emmet Bodos to Greenbrier

On May 13th, we took a few hours to hike the Rivanna Trail between the Charlottesville Emmet St Bodos and Greenbrier Rd. This trail follows Meadow Creek as it goes under the 250 Bypass near a busy interchange. So we got to follow the trail under a tunnel. We also found some spots to play on rocks by the creek.

Trip with the Boys To Ridge Rd

On May 10th, we gave Mommy the day off and went on a long walk at Ridge Rd in Albermarle County. This road is known to runners, bikers, and hikers for great views to the east and west and farmland scenery. The boys ventured out in Daddy’s Miata and got to have ice cream, giving Mommy the afternoon off.

Murray running with Daddy with pretty gardens!

On April 22nd, Murray went running with Daddy. Sometimes he stayed in the stroller. Other times he got out to run with Daddy. We ran by some pretty gardens in the Lewis Mountain neighborhood of Charlottesville!

Ian and Daddy Visit Lady Liberty

On February 29th, Ian and Daddy took our first outing in New York City. We went to The Statue of Liberty. It was very cold and windy that day. We rode a boat to get there, went to the top of the pedestal for a view, and we finished in the museum.

Ian and Daddy at One World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial

Ian and Daddy on their first day in New York City visited the Statue of Liberty. After visiting Lady Liberty, we enjoyed lunch at McDonalds. Then we went to see the One World Trade Center Tower and 9/11 Memorial and Museum. What a busy day!