On July 4th Weekend, 2020, Ian, Daddy, and Murray did a 5.9 mile hike to the top of Cole Mountain. We drove 1.5 hrs, half of which we had no cell coverage. That made Mommy a little worried! Murray got a little sick on the way :( But it’s OK, we used lots of wipes to clean him up!

Hiking up the mountain!

Daddy, this looks like Scotland!

It was fun to run around the top!

We made it to the top! But now can we go home and do our screen time?

On the way down, there were nice overlooks too!

Time to turn around onto “Old Hotel Trail”. 3.5 Miles back to the car!

Before we head back, someone needed to Potty! Luckily there was an outhouse at the campsite nearby

We found a mountain stream, of course we loved playing in it!

We saw a neat bug near the stream. It fluttered around us like a miniature tinkerbell fairy. We didn’t know what it was. It turns out to be a Wooly Aphid according to someone on Reddit.

Our legs got so tired… we didn’t like the uphill on the way back. Even though Daddy said working through tired is what makes you stronger.

On our way back, a lot of the trees were missing leaves and looked scorched. Maybe from a forest fire?

Towards the end there were more meadows. Murray just plopped right in the grass

Picking wildflowers for mommy in the meadow!

Finally all done! There’s the car - we quickly fell asleep on the way back.

No Hike is complete without a Blizzard!

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