On August 27th, Daddy took the boys camping at Montebello Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Here we are ready to get started!

Our campground! Our tent was the orange one.

We used quick start charcoal to start a fire, and with firewood we kept a fire going all evening. Here we’re cooking hotdogs on the grill. Using a stick to turn them over! Yum

It was a little drizzly all night, but we still read outside for a bit!

Daddy was not smart to try to sleep in the middle of two squirmy worms!

We went around the lake a few times before bed to explore the campground!

Next Day - Hike to Crabtree Falls

After making pancakes and bacon for breakfast, we visited the camp store. Both boys got a ring pop. Then we were off to nearby Crabtree Falls for a hike! These strong hikers went all the way to the top!

Here we go! We are hiking to the “Upper Overlook” and back.

This is the first waterfall, closest to the parking lot

Daddy there are a lot of steps!

The next set of cascades!

Ring pop teeth!

There should be an XFinity pool here!

Brave, strong hikers near the top!

At the top, what a pretty view!

“Daddy can we go camping tonight again?” - Asked Murray!

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