On July 2020 the Turnbulls, Pences, McCanns And Mildenbergers went to Virginia Beach for 2 weeks!

The Turnbulls were packed to the gills for a long Beach trip!

Our little cottage was just the right size to accommodate us. Despite being “Well loved” :)

Here we are having a Pollards Chicken Dinner on one of our first nights:

Our humble little cottage is the second from the left. The smaller blue one, right on the beach, between some rather posh beach houses. What a treat!

Eating “plenair” was one of the treats of our beach house.

We cooked a lot ourselves. Including a very fancy surf and turf ( thanks Gammie for the steak and lobster). We made lots of leftovers from the lobster & steak. One nice treat were the lobster rolls!

Since it was during the Covid-19 pandemic, we basically just went swimming everyday!

If we didn’t want to swim in the ocean, we would get creative with our “Xfinity pool”

Murray loved the Xfinity pool

Being right on the beach meant we could dig in the sand or have fun with our kites in the evening!

Here we are digging in the sand!

And it’s hard to resist chasing the waves after the sun goes down!

One evening, we went to Steinhilbers which had nice outdoor seating on the water.

Here’s Iggy, just waiting on that Shrimp!

Finally Steinhilber’s shrimp heaven!

Another special treat was getting to visit Baby Levi!

Mommy and Daddy tried canoeing at Back Bay Wildlife Refuge one day, but it was quickly aborted as they saw a snake at the sketchy put-in.

We still went to check out Back Bay Wildlife Refuge in our car

Other fun (undocumented!) memories

  • We enjoyed crabs with the Mildenbergers
  • The Pence-Mildenbergers and the Pence-Turnbulls went on their own date night to Steinhilbers!
  • The family enjoyed looking at Dougy’s old report cards of examples of what Iggy and Murmur should NOT do!
  • Granddad managed to visit us every evening, just in time for dinner. And he told Murray what things he did when he was a little boy!

That’s all for this year!

Maybe we’ll slide on back in 2021?

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