On Memorial Day 2020, the boys went on a hike on Rivanna Trail between Greenbrier Rd and John Warner Parkway. Greenbrier Park in Charlottesville has restored much of the Meadow Creek environment. Meadow Creek eventually dumps into Rivanna River, which one day we hope to hike to!

On this trip, we played in Meadow Creek, explored a swamp, and found a waterfall near the Parkway.


Starting our hike…

Look at this big boy! Almost 9!

It’s fun to run across the creek and get soaking wet!

A boardwalk goes over the swamp. We saw bullfrogs and very large tadpoles!

Near John Warner Parkway, there’s a little waterfall where the river goes under the parkway. To get there we had to walk over some train tracks. There’s also a tunnel to our right where the river goes under the train tracks.

We found a cool leaf floating in the water with spots!


Scampering across the water!

Bonus video of Murray playing with his friend Ben’s 3 year old sister. Murray loves playing with younger friends!

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