November 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ian Murray Daddy and Mommy met the Turnbulls and McCanns near Cape Charles VA for an isolated and relaxing Thanksgiving week. We got to canoe, play at the beach, find shells at the sandbar, and eat lots of snacks. Most importantly we got to play with Ian and Murray’s adorable cousin Levi!

Not pictured below were lots of other fun activities, such as:

  • Watching a Christmas movie with Gammie every night
  • Sitting by the fireplace to warm up after going out on the bay
  • The cozy jacuzzi tubs that Ian and Murray loved getting baths in!
  • Trying to all connect to the very slow Internet for work and school!

Our car was packed before we leave!

This was our view of the Bay!

Ian loves his cousin Levi

We all liked helping with Levi. Murray made a scavenger hunt for Levi. Daddy, Ian, Mommy and Murray took Levi on a walk on the beach.

On Thanksgiving, we all cooked together

Gammie Claus came to town!!

There was a sandbar near our beach. Ian and Murray liked playing on it. And there were lots of big shells!

Look at this pretty shell that Ian found!

Even Gammie came to look for shells! We only wish we could dig for Oysters to eat!

One silly day, Ian wanted to ride his bike on the sandbar! Murray was frustrated because his bike got messy.

Daddy took the boys to the sandbar most days by riding in the canoe

We went canoeing most days. Some days we would see how far out we could go. But only if the bay was calm. Other days we went up and down the coast.

On one special day, Ian and Daddy canoed more than one mile to go to the interesting lighthouse off the coast.

Ian, Murray and Daddy loved surfing the waves in the canoe!

On our last day, we saw dolphins. Mommy and Daddy canoed with them!

The little beach was a lot of fun for Ian and Murray. They liked to build crab hotels for crabs in the bay

Daddy found this little bushel floating in the bay. It became a feature of the crab hotels.

So long, hopefully we will get to visit again!

Ian’s special message to his family:

Without Gammie this trip would not have been possible, because we would have been lonely and we wouldn’t have gotten that cool gingerbread house and gingerbread house lego set! Also without Gammie we wouldn’t have a sufficient supply of Pirate’s Booty - Ian’s favorite cheesy corn puff snack.

We are excited for Christmas to come! We are also excited for Gammie to come, because there is a small chance she will bring a million bags of Pirate’s Booty with her.

PS we are having pirate’s booty instead of pancakes for Christmas breakfast!!

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